About Djb Business Creation

Hi! Daniel here, I wanted to take a moment to write about how I ended up here. Why did I start a digital marketing business and why is my focus on holistic health practitioners? The short version is – doing this is my life’s purpose. I bridge the gap between three worlds – business, online technology and spirituality. For you, as a holistic health practitioner, your focus is on mastering your craft, helping people change their lives and evolving your business. Learning about modern online marketing platforms can be a huge distraction if you’re not tech savy. This is where I step in.


In 2011 I quit my job in the corporate IT world to pursue photography and create the djb photography school. In the space of 5 years I grew the school into 6 cities around the world, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland and New York. With a small wide spread team we teach beginners about the art of photography on one day photography courses and online photography courses. This entire business was built using online marketing techniques alone, a well balanced combination of Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

2017 – Present Moment

In August 2017, while meditating, I experienced what can only be described a series of deep personal realisations about my life. A deep knowing that there is more to life than the human race existing for no purpose other than that of biological evolution. It was an awakening. I asked myself how could I have the biggest impact on this planet? What knowledge, experience and expertise do I have that can be used to help other businesses? The ones who I deem to be the most important on Earth… our health practitioners who are helping others find their purpose and improve their lives with a holistic approach.


My entire life journey has led to me this point. 8 years as a tech nerd in the corporate world, 8 years of online marketing and business growth with the djb photography school. A personal awakening. Now when I connect the dots the path leads me here…

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